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Naples Security Solutions Offering Armed Guards

    NAPLES, FL – It’s not something you typically see in exclusive Naples neighborhoods; armed guards standing watch in backyards. A security company tells us business has doubled since mid-February. That is when as string of violent home break-ins started in Collier County. In the last few weeks – the Collier County Sheriff’s Office… Read more »

Prepare Yourself When Robbers Strike

    Collier County, Florida: Investigators are still trying to get more information about a rash of robberies. Over the past several weeks, masked thieves, armed with guns hit two out of three homes, and it’s possible these incidents are connected. That got us asking: how you can protect yourself your loved ones if you… Read more »

Collier County Residents Hire Armed Guards

“Collier County, Florida: Homeowners are taking extreme action to protect themselves. WINK News has learned they’re hiring private armed security guards to protect their homes. “I think that the perception could be considered excessive to some until your life depends on it,” said Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions. Knott’s partner Mike Perl said, “It’s… Read more »

Naples Residents Turn to Firearms for Protection

    Naples, Florida: People are finding new ways to protect themselves as law enforcement searches for a gang of violent robbers. More and more people are turning to firearms and gun safety classes after the recent rash of home invasions. 5 times in the past 2 months, masked gunmen broke into homes, and stole… Read more »