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Naples Security Solutions Offering Armed Guards


It’s not something you typically see in exclusive Naples neighborhoods; armed guards standing watch in backyards.

A security company tells us business has doubled since mid-February. That is when as string of violent home break-ins started in Collier County.

In the last few weeks – the Collier County Sheriff’s Office formed a task force and received 20 tips on the incidents.

Two months after the incidents – all five home invasion cases remain unsolved.

Locked, loaded and armed top to bottom; that is what it’s come to for some Collier County homeowners to feel a sense of security.

“Everyone really becomes a victim to something like this because they change their patterns, their lifestyles. It’s something that’s always on their mind,” said Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions.

Chris Knott and Mike Perl are the owners of Naples Security Solutions. They are the masterminds behind how some people are now protecting their homes.

“Having done advanced work for multiple presidents all over the world, we look at different layers of security and safety,” said Mike Perl.

With years of experience in everything from the secret service to local law enforcement agencies – and five home invasions across Collier County in just two months – the duo says their sales have been off the charts.

“Our sales and our calls have virtually doubled since the home invasions” says Perl.

The company offers security systems, personal firearm raining and even armed protection around your property.

“We do home assessments and complete lifestyle vulnerability assessments. We’ll come to your home [and] find where you have gaps in coverage, either in camera or absence in camera. We make suggestions with some risks you may have,” said Knott, “With the armed guards, a lot of clients really want to focus on the time frames where some of these robberies are taking place. They want us to put something in place to give them their lives back.”

“Even when we do provide security details, our footprint can be discrete as the client wants,” said Perl.

Recently, Crime Stoppers released surveillance video of masked gunmen just moments before they stormed into a Collier home.

Naples Security Solutions let us tag along while they guarded a Pelican Bay home.

“Every property has plenty of access points that can be utilized by criminals, and obviously thats’ been demonstrated of recent,” said Knott.

Whether it’s in season or not, the duo says anyone can be a victim to these violent crimes.

“It’s frustrating sometimes when you hear people that are recently victimized say I never thought this could happen here. Well, why not? It just happened in five other communities down the road from you,” said Perl, “I believe that year-round residents are going to be even more vulnerable because there are less victims to target.”

While the masked gunmen are still on the loose, Knott and Perl say every homeowner needs a plan.

“The longer they go unsolved, the more they will empower and push lower level criminals to attempt this,” said Knott.

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