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Paul Miyares

Paul Miyares has over 29 years of law enforcement experience and is a retired Police Major from the Coral Gables, FL Police Department. During his time with the department, he received over 140 commendations including 3 distinguished service medals and two life savings medals.

Paul is a certified police instructor, has attended multiple investigative and command courses, and was cross designated a U.S. Customs Agent. He attended and completed the Department of Homeland Security Civil Disturbance Command Course and the Miami-Dade Police Department Command Course.

Paul was a supervisor for 22 of the 29 years he was with the CGPD. He supervised the Traffic-Homicide Unit, Driver Impairment Enforcement Program, patrol squads and communications section. Paul also commanded the Special Patrol Section which included all uniformed specialized units (Canine, Traffic Homicide, Bike Patrol, Motorcycle Unit, Marine Patrol Unit) and also was in charge of special events for the CGPD.

Throughout his career, Paul was directly involved in the security of every U.S. President and Vice President since the Reagan administration during their visits to the South Florida area. He was also involved in security operations for His Holiness the Dali Lama, and Presidents and other high profile political figures from many foreign countries.

Nicholas Moreno

Nicholas has over 25 years of martial arts experience and specializes in the development and instruction of curricula with an emphasis on defense / control tactics, weapon of opportunity, and joint locks and manipulation.

Training is customized to the end user and specific applications which fall within the client’s scope of application and agency or employer’s use of force continuum are taught. These highly sought after custom training modalities are in high demand by law enforcement officers, military operators, private security providers, and civilians who want to learn a system that utilizes gross motor skills which are applicable in a variety of real world situations.

Prior to his relocation to Naples from San Diego, Nicholas taught as a subject matter expert to active duty military personnel at Camp Pendleton where he contributed over 1600 hours of instruction to the Martial Arts Instructor (MAI) programs. During his tenure in California, Nicholas trained many elements of the military and law enforcement community including Marines, MARSOC, ATF, US Marshals, Navy SEAL SQT/Dev Gru, and NSW-ATC combatives staff.

Nicholas was promoted to Senior Sensei/Lineage Holder in Military Combative Blade in October of 2014 at WFTBN Edson Range (Weapons Field Training Battalion) Camp Pendleton by Ex SPF Greene Beret, Grandmaster Harry Greene.

In November of that same year, Sensei Moreno and Grandmaster Greene were invited to the Marine Corps Ball, where they received accolades and were honored for their contributions and commitment to active duty service personnel.

As Director of Defensive and Control Tactics for Naples Security Solutions, Nicholas brings a wealth of experience and credentials to serve our clients. Nicholas has held a 2nd degree Black Belt in Kempo since 1999, and has also been an avid practitioner and student under Rickson Gracie Blackbelt Luiz Claudio of LCCT Combat Team since 1998.

Ron Nihill

Ron Nihill served 26 years in Law Enforcement. Three years as a local municipal Police Officer and 23 years for the Connecticut State Police. During his tenure with the Connecticut State Police, Ron held the ranks of Trooper, Trooper First Class, Detective and Sergeant. He worked in various Troops patrolling and supervising Troopers in criminal and motor vehicle investigations on the highways and towns in the State of Connecticut.

Ron spent years in criminal investigative units including the Statewide Narcotics Task Force and the Statewide Cooperative Crime Control Task Force (Gang Unit) as a Detective and a Supervisor of very complex undercover investigations. Ron played an integral role while assisting many local, state and federal agencies plan and execute large scale criminal investigations that have led to hundreds of arrests, convictions, and large seizures of illegal narcotics and weapons.

Ron has been assigned to several high profile dignitary protection details including the Connecticut Governor’s protection detail, and he also assisted the U.S. Secret Service and the Diplomatic Security Service with advance planning and the protection of Presidents, Vice-Presidents, First Ladies and their families.

Ron attended the D.E.A. Undercover Narcotics School and the Top Gun Narcotics School hosted by the New Jersey Statewide Narcotics Task Force and American Prosecutors Research Institute. He has completed over 500 hours of certifications related to Narcotics Investigations, Gang Investigations, Surveillance, Counter-Surveillance, Domestic and International Terrorism, Statement Analysis and Detection of Deception, and served as a Defensive Tactics Instructor and Field Training Officer.

Mark Pergoli

Mark Pergoli served 23 years of service in the U.S. Marshals Service achieving the grade of Senior Inspector. For 20 of those years, he was assigned to the prestigious Federal Witness Protection Division. Mark provided security and safety for hundreds of government witnesses and their immediate dependents whose lives were in danger as a result of their testimony against drug cartels, terrorists and organized crime members. Mark was also assigned as a case manager at agency headquarters, conducting program operations, analyzing and verifying intelligence, and ultimately determining the feasibility of accepting and relocating witnesses.

Mark performed advance work and protective services both domestically and internationally in high threat areas like Colombia and Mexico while assigned to the U.S. Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General and U.S. Drug Czar. Mark’s protection experience also includes covering over a dozen United Nations General Assembly Sessions, acting as the head coordinator between the U.S. Marshals Service and State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service for Protection Details.

Mark assessed, evaluated and educated foreign police agencies on developing a Witness Protection Program in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and South Africa. He coordinated investigations with international law enforcement partners to apprehend fugitives abroad. Mark also tracked and captured fugitives in the United States using both traditional methods and sophisticated technologies including electronic and aerial surveillance.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin.