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Electronic Data Forensics

Data Forensics services from Naples Security Solutions ensures that no electronic media is overlooked. With the majority of our everyday lives being written and recorded on computers, there is plenty of evidence helpful to any investigation. Naples Security Solutions offers professional data forensics services that address any unique challenges with skill and expertise. Our data forensics experts will collect electronic media in a complete, efficient, and unbiased manner.

Our talented electronic data forensics team will help you to uncover intellectual property theft, financial fraud, investigate claims of harassment, and more. We work with each client to assess your individual needs and utilize solutions specific to your situation. While collecting data, you can be confident that all information collected will be accurate, private and preserved for litigation.


Benefits of Electronic Data Forensics from Naples Security Solutions

• Discovery of Cyber Crime:

We will find and analyze digital evidence in order to discover any facts transferred through email, cell phone, and more. Data forensics from Naples Security Solutions can confirm any suspicion of wrong doing or help you protect yourself from any future issues. If there are any instances of compromised data or illegally stored data, we will be sure to find it. Cyber crimes are becoming more prevalent due to the increased use of electronics and wireless transfer of information. With our proven techniques and technologies, we can investigate cyber crimes either as a preventative action or after a crime is suspected.

• Data Recovery:

Often times, data can be manipulated or deleted. This can happen unintentionally or as an effort to alter an investigation. Naples Security Solutions can recover destroyed or deleted data and store it safely so you can be sure it will not be altered. When people lose critical data, they will assume that it is unrecoverable. Our data forensics team is here to help by creating custom solutions for your data loss situations.