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Recent trends within the personal protection and security industry have seen a decline in the use of a "bodyguard".

Unfortunately, “bodyguard” has become synonymous with the over aggressive individual pushing crowds and engaging in unnecessary physical altercations in images and videos with celebrities in the media.  

These “bodyguards” have been involved in selling information to the tabloids, violating confidentiality agreements, various unwarranted use of force incidents, carrying guns or other weapons without the proper permits or license, and impersonating police officers.

These “bodyguards” will ultimately become a major liability to the client.

Reducing liability has become a primary concern for clients.  This is why they look for a professional executive protection and security solution.

Naples Security Solutions’ professionals are responsible for protecting our clients from physical harm, and also with safeguarding our client’s reputation and integrity. We understand that executive protection and security planning is just as much a cerebral function as a physical function.

We guarantee unparalleled discretion, integrity, professionalism, and vigilance. We are staffed by highly-trained former U.S. Secret Service Special Operations, SWAT, and Military Intelligence personnel, experienced in the art of providing seamless protection, while maintaining a low-profile footprint.  Our executive protection professionals are adept at blending into the background, without sacrificing the kind of thorough vigilance and situational awareness today's leaders demand. Our staff maintain rigorous fitness standards and undergo continuous training to remain proficient in the latest defensives tactics and weapons systems.  

  • Executive Protection

    Today’s high net-worth individuals, corporate executives, celebrities and other high-profile individuals are faced with unprecedented corporate and personal risks requiring a higher level of security planning, coordination and management. Naples Security Solutions understands that clients require personal protection that does not hinder the individual's lifestyle. Naples Security Solutions provides discreet, professional executive protection at home, at work, at social events, and around the globe.

    • Scalable, Customized Comprehensive Plans

      Naples Security Solutions conducts risk and vulnerability assessments to assess client's needs and customize executive protection strategies. We offer advance planning logistics and provide security countermeasures for domestic and international travel.
    • Secure and Reliable Ground Transportation

      Naples Security Solutions offers clients armed professional drivers with extensive local area knowledge, experienced in executive protection, advance contingency route planning, and evasive driving techniques.
    • Travel Advances

      Naples Security Solutions works with a global network of law enforcement and security resources to collect intelligence, provide detailed travel briefings, and assist and coordinate security services for clients traveling domestically and internationally.

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  • Corporate & Private Investigations

    Naples Security Solutions provides professional, ethical and discreet corporate, matrimonial, criminal, missing persons, and litigation support investigative services. Clients include individuals, private companies, government agencies and attorneys. Services include:

    • Corporate investigations
    • Background investigations
    • Due diligence
    • Pre-employment screening
    • Embezzlement / theft / unexplained losses
    • Conflicts of interest
    • Retaliatory threats and acts by employees
    • Loyalty / integrity investigations
    • Corporate espionage / sabotage investigations
    • Undercover workplace investigations
    • Matrimonial, custody & domestic investigations
    • Matrimonial / child custody / surveillance
    • Custodial interference / parental abduction / child recovery cases
    • Stalking / harassment cases
    • Criminal investigations
    • Case evaluation and re-investigations for victims / complainants
    • Locate and interview witnesses
    • Crime scene inspections
    • Missing person cases
    • Missing children / runaways
    • Special needs persons
    • Litigation support
    • Process Service
    • Expert witness profiles and screening
    • Collection of physical evidence
    • Video, photographic and audio preservation of evidentiary matters
    • Public record retrieval / freedom of information requests
    Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

    Florida Association of Professional Process Servers

    National Association of Professional Process Servers

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  • Special Event Security Planning & Implementation

    Naples Security Solutions has extensive experience in operational planning, organizing and coordinating major events, and is well known for its thorough advance planning and attention to detail. We provide a secure environment for high level corporate functions, shareholder meetings, and social events.

  • Security Consulting & Training

    Naples Security Solutions offers comprehensive security consulting services provided by established professionals with extensive field and industry experience including:

    National Rifle Association
    • Threat analyses, risk and vulnerability assessments
    • Security plan development
    • Police & public safety consulting services
    • Security systems evaluations
    • Travel security briefs
    • Security training
    • Family & individual evacuation and emergency planning
    • Florida concealed weapon training (private & group instruction available)
    • Full compliment of basic, advanced and tactical weapon's courses taught by certified law enforcement and NRA instructors to include:
      Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Protection in the home, Protection outside the home

  • Polygraph Testing

    Naples Security Solutions offers the polygraph services of Geronimo "Jerry" Garcia, a federally trained and highly credentialed former polygraph examiner for the federal government. In 2001, Jerry received his training in Psychophysiological Detection of Deception (PDD) testing from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute (renamed Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment) in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He conducted high profile polygraph examinations for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and safeguarded our homeland and interests abroad by detecting and deterring acts of espionage, sabotage, and terrorism worldwide. He also conducted criminal diagnostic testing covering a wide range of criminal activities (theft, murder, kidnapping, arson, fraud, corruption, and others) as well as due diligence and compliance screening testing (witness protection, personnel security, applicant screening, and others) as a polygraph examiner for the FBI. Jerry is an active member of the American Polygraph Association and supports various polygraph and interviewing and interrogation training initiatives throughout the U.S. and abroad.

    A 21 year veteran of the FBI, Jerry worked with federal and state prosecutors as well as criminal and civil defense attorneys on cases involving national security, espionage, cyber crimes, fraud, theft, murder, arson, organized crime, crimes in the high seas, and other significant cases worldwide. Jerry is a court-recognized expert and a certified fraud examiner and is an active member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. In addition, Jerry has created interactive training programs for various industries and presented anti-fraud/crime strategies at conferences throughout the U.S.

    • According to the American Polygraph Association, over 250 studies have been conducted on the accuracy of polygraph testing during the past 25 years. It is estimated the accuracy is generally in the range of 85-96% for specific issue examinations. Peer/Quality Control Review is a proven factor when considering accuracy of the polygraph. Jerry has a large network of quality review associates including past and current members of the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists, and the Florida Polygraph Association.
    • The average polygraph test will take between 2½-3½ hours. The process will include a detailed pretest interview, an analysis of the polygraph charts, and a comprehensive written report. Please contact us for a free initial consultation to evaluate your polygraph needs.

    American Polygraph Association

      Who can Benefit from our Polygraph Services?

    • Defense Attorneys
    • Civil Litigation Attorneys
    • Matrimonial Attorneys
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Private citizens in matters not involving the legal or criminal justice system
    • Employers conducting pre-employment screening and vetting
    • Employers and companies on issues of employee theft
    • Companies and corporations under the restrictions and limitations of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 (EPPA)

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  • Electronic Data Forensics

    More than 90 percent of the world’s business documents are drafted on computers. With the relentless use of social media, email, and instant messaging, much of today’s criminal and civil litigation evidence can be derived from electronic media. Naples Security Solutions’ experts have the technical skills, training, and investigative experience to perform a successful data forensic investigation.

    • Discreet investigations of electronically stored information
    • Experience in retrieving data in a court accepted manner
    • Recovery of destroyed or deleted electronic data
    • Access to hidden electronic files
    • Cracking password protected files
    • Uncovering computer usage timelines
    • Determining web sites visited and internet activity
    • Recovery of text messages and other communications
    • Recovery of e-mail sent via third party service

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  • Residential & Commercial Security System Consulting

    A residential / commercial security assessment is essential to identify weaknesses in your physical security that might provide an easy opportunity for a crime to occur. Naples Security Solutions will conduct a comprehensive site security and vulnerability assessment and recommend counter measures to mitigate identified threats. These recommendations are intended to create security layers that if implemented, can serve to reduce criminal opportunity, make it more difficult to force entry into your home or business, and increase the probability of apprehension should a criminal attempt to thwart these countermeasures.

    Naples Security Solutions will manage the implementation and installation of recommended countermeasures by trusted, vetted, and industry leading experts in their respective fields.

      Environmental Manipulation

    • Manipulation of the Site to Control and Direct the Movement and Location of People and Vehicles
    • Technical Security
    • Locks / Access control
    • Alarms
    • Doors / Windows: Security, Impact, and Privacy Film
    • Security Cameras
    • Lighting
    • Heat / Smoke Detection
    • Environmental / Temperature controls

      Emergency Preparedness

    • Communications
    • Hard / Safe Room
    • Emergency Equipment
    • Attack / Threat Plan Management
    • Weapons
    • Medical Emergency Response

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