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  • During Hurricane Irma, we sustained catastrophic damage to twenty-five percent of our manufacturing facility. The roof collapsed due to severe wind and rainfall leaving our entire facility unsecured. Being in Naples, Florida does not guarantee the safety of your facility during a State-of-Emergency. It was a very difficult time for our employees, our families, and our customers. Cable USA is very engaged in the DoD market; we must protect sensitive information and products, we needed the best security solution available.

    A world-renowned disaster recovery company referred us to Naples Security Solutions as they were currently working together at other damaged facilities. We were very concerned about staffing issues, consistency, and professionalism as most companies were weak in resources due to the hurricane, and we would need this service every day for at least one year. Our concerns were put at ease when we met with Naples Security Solutions. They ensured us that they had the staff, expertise, and experience to handle our current security situation and anything additional that could arise. Almost 400 days later, they did not live up to our expectations; they exceeded them many times over! They provided the security and fire watch for the facility Monday to Friday from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. and 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

    Their professionalism, reliability, and dependability are unprecedented, yet the employees asked daily if there was anything they could do better. During that time, they stopped a potential intruder, alerted us of numerous sprinkler leaks before further damage occurred, used a Shopvac and broom to stop rainwater entering from the compromised area until help arrived. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them during our time of misfortune. I am forever thankful for the support they provided. Naples Security Solutions is an exceptional company with extraordinary people. I highly recommend their services for any security need.

    Jeremy R. Shaffer
    President & General Manager of Cable USA

  • When my board and I first saw the missing child flyer from Lee County Sheriff's Office we had a hard time shaking it off. In our line of work, we unfortunately see far too many of these flyers representing missing children, but this case was different. We had no idea that within a few weeks the family would contact our organization and ask for our help. Although this type of project is normally out of our scope of operation, we unanimously agreed we needed to offer our assistance.

    A trusted friend and supporter of our organization facilitated a meeting with Chris Knott of Naples Security Solutions. We all knew time was of the essence and were extremely aware of the statistics regarding the exploitation of missing children by sex traffickers. Chris immediately began working on the case on behalf of the family even before the initial meeting was over. During the entire process Chris kept in touch with the family, giving them updates, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Even in the midst of an extremely stressful scenario no family would ever want to find themselves in, Chris remained focused as they strategically executed a successful search and rescue plan. As you can imagine we were elated when we received the call that Chris was on the way to the hospital with our girl.

    You would think once we were safe at the hospital Chris’s job would be complete but they stayed and helped facilitate the necessary steps with law enforcement. I vividly remember looking over and thanking him for staying as long as he did. The whole experience had been traumatic and their support was a tremendous comfort.

    We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this family’s child would not have been recovered if not for Chris. We are forever grateful…

    An Anonymous Family & Non Profit

  • Chris and company are both very professional and reassuring. I am an older woman who was going through a difficult, stressful, and threatening time and Chris and his company eased me through what would otherwise have been a very scary situation. Chris reassured me that he would not place me or any of his employees in a threatening situation and was extremely professional. I would highly recommend him.

    Sincerely, LC, Naples, FL

  • Naples Security Solutions has helped us be more prepared regarding our personal safety and security. Chris's ability to share their knowledge, coach, and assist us developing skills far exceeded expectations. They are at once both personable and consummate professionals. Consulting them was one of the best decisions we have made.

    Mr. & Mrs. K.R.

  • My family needed help in a very complex and dangerous international situation. We went through all of the traditional routes to get an appropriate resolution but we were were given unacceptable options. We had no one left to turn to and then we were lead to Naples Security Solutions. Chris Knott provided not only guidance but the logistics and operational expertise needed for a successful outcome. They helped my family navigate the most difficult situation we could ever imagine. They were on point from day one and had the support team necessary to keep moving forward no matter the set back. Not only were they highly professional but they also showed true compassion throughout the entire process. I have no doubt we would not have been successful without Chris. I can not give a high enough recommendation. We will always now consider them part of our extended family.

    Pittsburgh, PA

  • We can’t thank you enough for the services that you and your team provided for us at our wedding. Every time either one of us turned around, someone from your team was close by. We were able to enjoy our evening and we are very grateful.

    Joe and Joanna Ciani

  • Thank you very much for helping us with my foot injury on Saturday night at the wedding reception. My husband and I were so appreciative of the care and compassion you and your staff showed us. Crutches were ready and waiting when we reached the pharmacy at that late hour.

    Thank you again for your professionalism and care.

    Cammy Wynne Williams

  • Thanks for the great coverage during the wedding and event. Everywhere I seemed to look you were there, but low profile...really made me comfortable and I appreciated it. You may have been a bigger hit than the band from my feedback!
    Well done.

    Van Young

  • After I co-produced a radio program on a group of Vietnam Veterans who reunited after 30 years, I heard from other vets around the nation hoping for help tracking down their lost buddies. I knew just who to call. Chris Knott is not only skilled investigators, they are also veterans themselves. In just a few hours, they were back to me with names, addresses and phone numbers, and started the process of helping old battle buddies find their way back to one another in their senior years.” The pay off for these vets is potentially huge. But it didn't cost me or them a dime--Chris insisted on doing it for free.

    Adam Piore
    Former Newsweek correspondent and coproducer of "We've Never Been the Same: A War Story.

  • Different states are finally opening adoption files and birth records to adoptees around the country. I recently called on Naples Security Solutions to assist me with helping locate my biological mother to learn about my genetic/medical history. I only had a name and an age for her from the time of my birth. After giving this information to them, they assured me that they would be able to locate her. Later that same day I was viewing a report about the woman I had been trying to locate for over 40 years and I was able to speak with her to ask the questions that I needed to know about my genetic and medical history. It was a relief to bring closure to questions I had been searching for an answer to for so long. . Often times internet searches do not provide the information needed to locate unknown birth relatives. Naples Security Solutions can eliminate the difficulties of these searches quickly and in a very professional manner. I highly recommend them for private investigative needs and am confident that they can help others locate biological parents and relatives for other adoptees.


  • During the 2014 home invasions in Naples, I researched a number of security firms. I was fortunate that Naples Security Solutions was available, because they are the only firm I would trust with my family's safety. They have the experience and expertise to address any security threat. They also had invaluable advice on how to improve the security of our home. I slept well knowing they were protecting my family.

    Grey Oaks resident
    Naples, FL

  • We are coming on to the holiday season once again and it is a good time to look back over the year that is coming to an end and the people who have helped to make it a good one. Earlier this year I was presented with a major change in my life and, in an important way, thanks to the two of you I was able to go smoothly from one phase to the next. Although this is a phrase used often, I know that without your help it would have been much more difficult.

    I value the advice and planning given during every step of each project, the patience shown while letting me know what should and could be done, and the quality of the finished product. Every project was begun and finished in good order, every person you introduced me to, and who came to my home and guided me through their part of the project, treated me like a valued client. I was especially impressed that the people doing the work were, without exception, at my home when they said they would be, left my home neater at the end of each day than when they arrived, and the work was completed when promised and more than met my expectations.

    The fact that both of you have been with me every step of the way, checking to be sure I was happy with the progress and available whenever I had questions, gave me a good feeling. The guidance you gave on making my home safer, the tips on protecting myself both at home and away, and what to consider going forward have all been helpful. I’m exceedingly pleased with all the improvements to my home.

    Saying “thank you” is the least I can do, and I look forward to your guidance on future projects.

    Barbara Vlaovic
    Naples, FL

  • With over 17+ years of Real Estate and Property Management experience and as a building manager for a number of luxury high-rise condominiums in Naples, I am aware of the importance of security. However after a wave of home invasions in other gated communities throughout Naples in 2014, we knew it would be advantageous to have an independent security consultant review our security procedures. We retained Naples Security Solutions to provide staff training, a home owner seminar, complete a site survey and vulnerability assessment, complete a review of our standard operating policies and procedures and provide recommendations. We found all of their services to be extremely beneficial and invaluable. Their training and assessment brought an increased level of awareness both personally and professionally, not only for me, but the entire organization (and/or association). Based on their evaluation and recommendations, we were able to implement changes to maximize our level of security to protect the privacy, interests and integrity of the building and its owners. Even after their work was completed, Naples Security Solutions still continued to provide support and assistance to us. We will continue to work with Naples Security Solutions on any future security needs. I would highly recommend Naples Security Solutions.

    Shannon Dye
    Community Association Manager
    Naples, FL

  • During our spring 2014 stay in Naples, Florida, and with the news of multiple home invasions in local gated communities, we decided to take our home security even more seriously. We were having guests and felt that we would possibly be putting them in harms way as well. We met with Naples Security Solutions and listened to what they had to offer. The owners had a wealth of security and gun training expertise, and their extensive credentials with the Secret Service and SWAT made us feel that they could stop any threat that may be presented to our safety. For the 3 weeks they were at our home, they provided armed executive security and closely monitored our safety, and yet we never felt they were intrusive to our privacy. They also offered seminars in gun safety and shooting which we took part in. They are highly trained, educated,respectful, and trustworthy. A worthwhile investment on many levels.

    Signed, W
    Naples, FL

  • We have had a very important and enjoyable experience with the work performed by this company.

    First: They did a detailed survey of the potential areas of weakness in our house structure and construction which would allow invaders to enter our home. Such things as door hinges mounted on the outside of a door frame so someone could easily remove them and gain entrance to the house. Other areas of easy access were identified. We corrected all of these at a reasonable cost. During this time we learned of their extensive background and experience that made them experts in this field. We also learned of the gun training course that they run.

    We then entered their gun training course. This was very educational. We each worked with our own instructor. Going over the parts of a gun in detail so that we knew what they did and why they worked the way they did. We were taught how to handle a gun in a safe way and these maneuvers were practiced until we did it automatically. We then were taught how fire the pistol safely and accurately. Firing many times and thereby gaining accuracy and confidence . During all the above we examined different types of guns to find the ones we wanted to have. When we selected a gun we wanted, we fired that one many times. We reviewed how to keep a gun safely in our home and how to have it ready to use when needed. We hope we never have to shoot anyone but if we do, we are ready. We are about to start Taser lessons with Naples Security Solutions, and are looking forward to it. They are exceptional individuals.

    Gail and Norm Thomson
    Naples, FL

  • When my 15 year old daughter went missing I was crushed. I immediately contacted the authorities and they took a missing persons report and entered her into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s database. After a week of searching and no progress as to my daughters whereabouts, they told me there was nothing else they can do. They have 100’s of missing kids and not enough manpower or resources to dedicate to one child. I didn't know what else to do or where to turn.

    A trusted friend referred me to Naples Security Solutions. After speaking to them on the telephone, they arrived at my house in two hours. We discussed the details of my case and they formulated a strategy. They gave me an honest and realistic assessment and more importantly listened as I poured my heart out. They immediately went to work with the limited information I had. Within 5 hours they found my baby and returned her home to me safely. I am grateful for the work they did and the professionalism and dedication to their craft.

    Tom W.
    Bonita Springs, FL

  • “The technology that Naples Security Solutions has in place is more advanced than any I have seen for similar companies. The professionalism and timeliness is exactly what we need for our clients. My firm will use NSS exclusively for our investigations and service of process going forward.”

    E. James Kurnik, II, Esq.
    Holmes Kurnik, P.A.
    Naples, FL

  • I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation for Naples Security Solutions. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with them for over two years. They are, in my opinion the ultimate professionals.

    They have provided security services for the David Lawrence Foundation for a variety of events. They have always conducted themselves with discretion. Many of the clients who attend our events praised Naples Security Solutions for this. They are extremely helpful and go above and beyond what would be required of them in a security situation.

    I believe them to be of the highest character and would recommend them and their services.

    Carol F. Shaw
    Executive Director
    David Lawrence Foundation

  • Naples Security Solutions is one of the best in the industry. They provide great physical security and offer consulting for my high net worth clients and venues. They give my clients and I great advice on a wide range of needs and most importantly Naples Security Solutions gives us peace of mind. Without a doubt I would recommend them for all of your security needs.

    Margaret Short
    President of Margaret Events

  • I just wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your services. Naples Security Solutions has given me the peace of mind and security that I need when I am doing large events. We have worked together on many events from Angel Ball for the Community School to the David Lawrence Foundation’s annual charity event, as well as private events and weddings.

    Your company has been an added value to the services I offer my clients. Sometimes I hire you on behalf of my company to keep my clients and their guests safe as a proactive measure. This has proven to many people in the community just how important it is to have your company present when certain situations arise.

    I can not thank you enough for your professionalism and knowledge, I would recommend your company to anyone with great enthusiasm and respect. I have enjoyed working with you and am grateful for all you have done for me and my clients.

    I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Elizabeth Bell-Carr
    She She
    Pacesetter, Imagineer, CEO

  • This serves as a reference and recommendation for Naples Security Solutions. We have sub-contracted their services on multiple occasions and for many different scenarios. From transport protection for millions of dollars of inventory to on-site security at outdoor sales events where they protected and secured $5 million + in jewelry and diamonds. We also utilized their consultation services to prepare to protect our new 6000 + square foot diamond and jewelry retail location in which they worked hand in hand with several vendors on our behalf.

    Naples Security Solutions has proven to us to be an honest upstanding organization, having great integrity and a vast knowledge of many different areas of security. It is with great pleasure that I recommend them to anyone who is looking for professionalism and vast experience in the security arena.

    Lawrence B. Klein
    President / Owner
    International Diamond Exchange

  • Naples Security Solutions has been working for my family for the past 6 years. They have provided professional security services and consultation at various family events as well as for me personally. I have utilized their services at fundraising and other appearances related to my work as Mrs. Florida Globe both domestically and internationally.

    The high professionalism, integrity, honesty, trust, and confidentially shown by Naples Security Solutions make them the clear choice in providing security services.

    Kristen Weardon
    Mrs. Florida Globe

  • Naples Security Solutions has been a valuable resource for Hanley & Associates. In my capacity as CEO, I retained Naples Security Solutions for several security assignments.

    They provided 24 hr security for the Chairman of the Board of Faith Lutheran Church. The Chairman had received death threats due to the termination of a Church employee. The day of the termination, Naples Security Solutions accompanied us to the Church and provided physical protection for the Chairman when he was confronted. Chris stepped in front of the Chairman as an out of control Pastor charged him. Chris was calm and totally in control of the situation. His experience and professionalism provided invaluable.

    I also hired Naples Security Solutions to deal with a stalker. They assisted me in confronting the stalker at a meeting and provided security and surveillance for me at my home and at various social events.

    I highly recommend Naples Security Solutions for any security assignment. Their professionalism, integrity, experience and communication skills make them asset to any employer.

    Very truly yours,
    Dorothy Hanley Lowrie
    Hanley and Associates