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Deputies receive more Gunshot Calls during Coronavirus Outbreak

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – With more people staying at home, more bullets are flying in people’s backyards. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office sending out a warning today on Facebook. “There’s a feeling of things becoming loose and reckless and wild wild west,” said firearms expert Chris Knott. So far this year, there have been six… Read more »

How you can spot Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rentals

Tiny cameras could be hiding in your vacation rental. This week a man was arrested after guests found cameras disguised as phone chargers in a Maine vacation rental. But, how easy is it to spot hidden cameras like these? Unfortunately, it’s harder than you’d think. Some of the tiny, disguised cameras can have a lens… Read more »

Man Rents Gun and Shoots Self at Naples Gun Range

NAPLES, Fla. – Collier County deputies swarmed a Naples gun range after a man rented a gun and proceeded to shoot himself. It happened Friday afternoon at Naples Gun Range & Emporium located at 4651 Mercantile Ave. A firearms expert said Friday night that mental evaluations are not required to rent weapons at Florida gun… Read more »

Naples Security Discusses 3D Crime Scene Technology

  NAPLES, Fla- When it comes to solving cases, having the latest tools could be the difference between catching a criminal or letting the case go cold. Chris Knott with naples Security Solutions said’ “Being able to recreate and have a more lifelike recreation increases accuracy and again efficiency. Knott is a former Collier County… Read more »

Naples Security Expert Discusses Stronger Mental Health Laws

  NAPLES, Fla- A topic that is widely discussed after every mass shooting — could stronger mental health laws help prevent these tragedies? Naples Security Solutions expert Chris Knott spoke to Kelsey Kushner of WINK News on the issue. Watch the video for details. Full Article: Naples security expert discusses stronger mental health laws

Naples Security Solutions Helps Mother of Daughter Kidnapped in Russia

NAPLES, Fla- A Southwest Florida woman is desperately working to get her daughter back after she said she was taken by family members in Russia. She said her appeals to the US government have gotten nowhere and now she’s hoping the generous people of Southwest Florida will help her cause. Lidia Phillips moved from Moscow… Read more »

Naples Security Solutions Discusses Background Checks for Gun Purchases

  The U.S. Air Force admitted to failing to report information about the discharge of Devin Patrick Kelley from his service, information that could have stopped him from legally purchasing a firearm used in the mass shooting that killed 26 people in Texas. Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions recognizes the issues with relaying information… Read more »

NSS Child Water Safety

Naples Security Solutions Discusses Child Water Safety

East Naples- A 2-year-old boy drowned Tuesday in a lake behind an apartment off Radio Road, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office said. Peter Mitchell was pulled from the water by a witness and taken by EMS personnel to NCH North Naples hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to a sheriff’s office incident report. Chris… Read more »