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How to Avoid Becoming a Purse-Snatcher’s Target [Video]

    NAPLES, Fla. – Viankynet Picon was celebrating her birthday at Fujiyama last Friday when surveillance cameras caught a woman snatch her purse from the back of her seat. The best way to protect yourself from similar theft is to keep your valuables less exposed, says Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions.

How safe are gated communities? The sense of security can be inflated

NAPLES, Fla. – Gated communities are effective at keeping out certain visitors, however, they provide little security from determined criminals. Security experts say the best ways to deter criminals include having sufficient lighting around the home, a working alarm system with a visible sign and security cameras. Article Source: How safe are gated communities? The… Read more »

Firearms Training Increases in Naples after Orlando Attack

NAPLES, Fla.- Firearm instructors in Collier County say they’ve added more classes after the terror attack in Orlando. Naples Security Solutions saw an influx in people wanting to begin or further their firearm training. Mike Perl said it takes “even the best law enforcement team minutes to arrive and a lot can happen in minutes”…. Read more »

Petition created to allow guns at GOP convention

A growing number of people want to carry guns into this summer’s Republican convention. We’ve learned a petition to allow guns already has more than 50,000 signatures. We spoke with two retired Secret Service agents who say it’s a really bad idea. The petition wasn’t necessarily put out by gun activists, although we’re told many… Read more »

Terror training a new boon for area security companies

People and businesses across the country are getting training for how to deal with mass shootings or terrorist attacks — a new reality widely encouraged by elected leaders. In fact, Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson suggested Americans should train for terrorist attacks just as school children once conducted air raid drills during the Cold War…. Read more »

Naples Security Solutions Catches Criminals

  NORTH NAPLES, Fla.- A private investigator helped bust two thieves after he says his dash camera caught them stealing. The camera also recorded the high speed chase out of Mercato and down U.S. 41 that landed the duo in handcuffs. Chris Knott, a private investigator with Naples Security Solutions, says he was at Mercato… Read more »

Naples Security Solutions Protecting Presidential Candidate Dr. Ben Carson

Upon Dr. Ben Carson’s arrival to Naples, managing partners Chris Knott and Mike Perl provided security and protection services. Read the article below from Wink News and watch the video of Dr. Carson’s high-profile visit to Florida. A year and a half out from the 2016 Presidential election and a potential Republican candidate is speaking… Read more »

Security Experts Remind Residents to Stay Vigilant

    COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- “I think it’s the beginning of some sort of closure or healing for those people who have been victims to these criminals.” But before you start letting their guard down, Chris Knott, co-founder of Naples Security Solutions tells WINK News the cases aren’t closed yet. “While I think they should… Read more »

Home Invasions Prompt Some to Seek Gun Training

    COLLIER COUNTY, FL -Some people in Collier County are so worried about security after five unsolved home invasions in the past two months. They are going to new lengths to protect themselves. We spoke with an elderly couple learning to shoot a gun.They are doing it in light of the home invasions. No… Read more »