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How you can spot Hidden Cameras in Vacation Rentals

Tiny cameras could be hiding in your vacation rental.

This week a man was arrested after guests found cameras disguised as phone chargers in a Maine vacation rental. But, how easy is it to spot hidden cameras like these?

Unfortunately, it’s harder than you’d think. Some of the tiny, disguised cameras can have a lens as small as the head of a pin, easy to hide in plain sight.

It’s this that makes the thought of being recorded while on vacation that much worse.

“[It’s] a fully operating camera, in something as small as what appears to be a phone charger, that’s plugged into an outlet or something like an alarm clock sitting on a nightstand,” Chris Knott from Naples Security Solutions said.

One Pennsylvania family experienced something similar. While staying in a vacation rental in Maine, they found a camera disguised as a phone charger in their bathroom.

The solution to this problem? Check every inch of your room, and cover anything that looks suspicious.

“Some type of appliance or something that doesn’t seem right, just cover it up or turn it around,” Knott said.

The man who was arrested in Maine for placing cameras in the family’s bathroom has been charged with violating privacy.

However, in Florida, doing that could charge you with video voyeurism, depending on what you record, and who sees it.

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