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Naples Security Solutions Helps Mother of Daughter Kidnapped in Russia


A Southwest Florida woman is desperately working to get her daughter back after she said she was taken by family members in Russia. She said her appeals to the US government have gotten nowhere and now she’s hoping the generous people of Southwest Florida will help her cause. Lidia Phillips moved from Moscow to the United States when she was 21 years old. She renounced her Russian citizenship and had her daughter, Bella, in America.

“This is one that you really couldn’t foresee. This is not a lawful custodial battle,” Chris Knott with Naples Security Solutions said. Knott’s company has rescued people from dangerous situations in other countries. It’s one reason Lidia hired them. “We need to come up with operational extraction plans, have multiple contingencies, but before we get to such steps as those we try to implement as much diplomatic effort as we can,” Knott said.

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